• Make Love, Not Dinner

    Make Love, Not Dinner

    Just imagine it... cooking a quiet romantic dinner at home, exchanging cards with your spouse, a big bouquet of red roses in the center of the table, ended with a heart shaped box of chocolates. Mmmmmm! That does sound nice, BUT what if you did something different with your husband for Valentines this year? Maybe something unexpected? Instead of the usual sweet and romantic gestures, surprise him by spicing it up! We make dinner all the time, so ladies, as Agent Provocateur is suggesting this year, lets "Make Love, Not Dinner."

    Ive created a board for inspiration and will also include a list of useful sources for creative ideas. Maybe one suggestion could be buying some risque lingerie that you may not usually wear. If you always choose black silk, pick something in a nude lace this time. Choose something that would put you a little outside your comfort zone. An "alter-ego" in a sense. Instead of waiting until you get home, you could throw it on under your dress for dinner out. Even though your husband may not know you have it on, its guaranteed to make you feel sexier. Maybe you could even give him a sneak peak in the car so he has something to look forward to after dinner! If you have a "trademark" fragrance you wear, try something new! (I suggest Flower Bomb). Make reservations at your favorite little spot, then head back home or book a room at a hotel for some adventure. Have some items that you haven't tried before waiting when you get there. There are tons of easy options out there that can make it fun and new for both of you! Here are some suggestions:

    1. Massage Oil Candle (Shown Above) Light it, pour it, massage!


    2. Eye Masks


    3. Bedroom Furniture


    4. Milk Chocolate Body Paint (See! you still get chocolates!)


    5. Role Play.. I dont think this calls for a webpage, just use your imagination!

    These are all just suggestions of course, but the idea is that whatever you do every year, do something different this year! It can still be romantic! Being playful and adding new elements into your relationship is a great way to keep it fun and fresh! Why not start with Valentines? 

    (Photo Images: Lingerie top & bottoms, Agent Provocatuer. Shoes, Saint Laurent. Massage Oil Candle, Maria Lux. Perfume, Viktor & Rolf "Flowerbomb", Eye mask unknown.)