Although cleaning your brushes is the least fun of doing Makeup, its the most important part!


    *Good quality brush cleanser
    *Warm Water
    *Glass Jar
    *Paper towels 

    There are two techniques to cleaning your brushes. Spot Cleaning or Deep Cleaning. 

    1. SPOT CLEANING: This is the route you can take in between uses for your personal brushes or when you are on set and need a brush quickly. You will need your paper towels and brush cleanser. All you need to do is squirt a small amount of brush cleanser directly on a folded paper towel and gently swipe your brush back and forth over the cleanser. Make sure to wipe the brush side to side rather than digging the brush into the towel. Once you see the brush is fully clear of product, lay your brush out to dry for a minute or so. Wa-la! 

    2. DEEP CLEANSING: For your personal brushes, deep cleaning should be happening at least once a week. Your professional brushes should be cleaned after every single job. Start by putting a small amount of brush cleanser in a glass jar. Fill the jar with equal parts of warm water. Both liquids together should be just enough to cover the bristles of the brush and never as high as the neck of the brush.  Drop your brushes into the cleaner/water solution with the brush head down and let them soak for 5 minutes. After they've soaked, take them out one by one, swirling them into the palm of your hand to loosen up all the dirt and product. Rinse under warm water until all the soap and product is gone. If you squeeze the brush and there is still some soapy residue, rinse again until the water squeezed out is clear. After squeezing out the excess water, lay your brushes down with the brush head over the side of the counter, spaced out enough so they arent against each other. This is extremely important so the air can ciculate through the bristles. If you leave brushes sitting up in a jar, or laying on their side without putting the brush head over the side of the counter, water will travel into the neck of the brush, loosening the glue and leading to shedding. Leave your brushes overnight to dry and they will be like new by morning!


    My recommended cleanser for both techniques is MAC brush cleanser. Its a great price for the quality of the product and will last a long time when used properly. I love this product because not only does it sanitize thoroughly, but it also conditions your brushes. This is very important because although other popular items, such as baby shampoo, wash the color and product out and leave the brushes soft, it doesnt kill the germs. Its extremely important as a working artist to make sure the brushes are completely sanitized. Any germs left behind could be a huge problem in contaminating your kit products, not to mention how risky it is to use on a clients skin. It's also tempting to choose brush cleansers that are less expensive but please read the ingredient list and reviews to enure it has great quality. The majority of brush cleansers are overdone with alcohol, leaving your brushes dry, leading to shedding. If you're investing in professional quality Makeup brushes, you want to make sure they last as long as possible. I choose to use MAC brushes. I have some brushes that I purchased over 12 years ago that are still some of my favorites in my kit. The longer you have them and care for them the correct way, the softer and more functional they will be.